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Gym, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Spa, Excursions - Club Med Cancun

Updated weekly activity schedule for a typical week provides times and schedules for all sports and fitness classes

Page updated February 2011

February 2011 here is an excursion list and schedule with prices.

April 2010 Courtesy of Kim, here is a Spa brochure with prices huge 6 MB file!

Some changes here (updated March 2010 ) - note that village was on "Club Med time" in March (and typically in December, too - an extra hour of daylight compared to the city of Cancun):

GYM and Fitness Classes

  • The gym layout is relatively unchanged (since the Hurricane). All new weight machines plus free weights and several ellipticals, plus a few stationary bikes and a stairclimber
  • GYM published hours: 6:00am-10:00pm
  • They often have a GO on duty to help with workouts, etc.
  • A variety of fitness and aerobics classes held regularly including Yoga and Zumba (March 2010)

Tennis Updated January 2010

  • 7 Tennis courts. This has been reduced from 8. The reduction was caused by re-routing of the main village access road to make more room for Jade grounds
  • TENNIS club published hours: 8.30-11:30am and 4:00-7:00pm, 3p-6p; Miniclub 10.30-11:30am; Advanced lessons 8.30a; Intermediate lessons 9.30a; Beginner lessons 10.30a; Tournaments on Sun, Tue, Thur, Fri at 5:00p and Thursdays at 8:30am
  • Lessons available every day except Thursdays
  • Good feedback about the tennis program. Good partner matching and tournaments as usual
  • Most courts are lit for night use
  • One minor oversight was the lack of wind dampening slats in the chain link fence around each court

Court Sports and Soccer

  • BEACH Volley-Ball is well attended and takes place behind the mini club
  • HARD COURT Basketball at the hard court area next to Circus
  • HARD COURT Volleyball has not been happening, but the place for it is the same as for basketball. Gone are the days of volleyball tournaments near the main bar
  • The former basketball court near the main bar is now an outdoor lounge area and night time entertainment area
  • Soccer takes place on the beach near beach volleyball - the grass field is gone due to re-routing the entry road for the Jade expansion


  • There is a beautiful SPA right next to the GYM - occupying the former outdoor walkway area. The entry to the spa is right next to the new GYM entry. The spa has an amazing list of services - anything you can imagine
  • SPA: Greatly expanded! April 2008 Spa brochure with prices (thanks Jim)
  • SALSA dance lessons daily: 10:30 am and 4:30 pm in the main bar - taught by Monica!
  • DISCOVERY CENTER (EXCURSIONS): February 2011 Excursion list with prices
  • Two pool tables - now located in the main theater, along with a foosball table or two
  • Two table tennis (ping pong) tables are located near the entry to the main restaurant
  • There was a kid's games night in the theater before the show one night
  • Olympics and sports awards night is toned down - less awards overall, but still fun
  • Powerwalk every morning at 9:00am