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Grounds, Village, Public Areas, Beaches, Pool and the general look/feel of Club Med Cancun

(updated March 2010) Overall, the rebuilt (after hurricane Wilma 2005) Club Med Cancun is a more upscale environment. All buildings and public areas have been upgraded and re-named.

CLICK to the map/property/aerial page to see where everything is.

This slide show will give you a walking-around feel for Club Med Cancun - you can let it go automatically or there are controls that appear at the bottom.

I'll go over some of the major changes in the grounds and public areas since the 2005 Hurricane (Wilma) that virtually destroyed this village:

  • The pool/bar area thrives as a activity hub - there are some sort of games or aerobics a couple times per day
  • Volleyball court near the entry to the main restaurant has been moved to the waterski island. This area has been totally re-done including a planter with palm trees and a columned palapa right in the middle. Also in this area is the new glassed-in excursion center
  • Public restrooms have been greatly improved with all new tile and fixtures
  • Basketball court next to the walkway running along the main beach has also been moved to the waterski island. This is now an outdoor 'square' and entertainment area at night. Functions as a lounging area during the day. Nice place to relax day or night. A very nice, open space with comfy chairs.
  • Hammocks are back - on the waterski island
  • A new pedestrian tunnel has been created for walks between the main facility and the sailing beach. This tunnel will provide noise relief for ground floor guests who had put up with all-hour pedestrian noise to/from the sailing beach and alternate restaurant
  • They absolutely went crazy with paver bricks. For pathways that were formerly concrete or sand, even for roadways (although some roadway bricks are beginning to crack). Entire sections of roadway, and the entire reception drive-around have been done in paver brick
  • No more public laundry facilities
  • There are 4 public ice machines around the village
  • Reception area is enclosed with glass doors and air conditioned - doors are left open most of the time. New decorations and paint
  • Theatre can now be closed off and air conditioned - no longer has an open, airy feel but is probably less sweaty for performers and less prone to weather disruptions
  • Main bar is closed off with glass doors and is now air conditioned - many doors are usually open, but there is no longer an open, airy feel to the main bar
  • Former disco has been totally rebuilt into a new, beautiful and large snack bar and third restaurant (Tapas) named La Pergola. It has a very nice outdoor bar facility overlooking the ocean on 3 sides. Sometimes used as an entertainment area. This is really a beautiful venue
  • La Palapa, completely destroyed by hurricane, has been rebuilt from the ground up and is worthy of a writeup in Architectural Record magazine - now named Las Cazuelas. Beautiful job. Nice outdoor bar (La Chispa) and eating areas. Still functions as late-lunch restaurant and reservation-only second dinner restaurant. I cannot overstate how beautiful this building is - still the best place to watch sunsets
  • Difficult to describe, yet sweeping in it's effect on the village, is the re-shaping and re-grading of the grounds area between sailing and the main road. From the road, you can now completely see the beach and sailing area. To accomplish this, they had to shave away a reef-ridge that ran along this area. This beach has been expanded slightly, but not as much as the main beach
  • All of the grass palapas on the beaches have been rebuilt, and then some. Very nice
  • The main beach is bigger than it was pre-Wilma. Stretching 100 yards from the walk near reception and the main bar out to the ocean. Really an incredible beach now. Remember how the waves used to crash up to the wall near reception? Not any more. This was a major pubic works project to restore Cancun's beaches - but they did a great job.
  • INTERNET room is available 10am-9pm weekdays, 12-6 weekends (or whenever someone is there) - cost is $6 per hour. This service has been improved and is now "broadband"