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Typical Weekly Activity Schedule, Passworld Schedule, Dress Codes, Hours for Sports

Updated March 2011 The latest daily schedules and info documents for download

Updated April 2010 The latest schedules and info documents for download (thank you Kim!!):

Thank you to Kim, who snail-mailed these to me from Canada!

Updated March 2009 Dress Code revisions and nightly show schedule from Sophie.

Updated Feb 2008 Typical weekly schedule of featured or special events

I wasn't able to take in everything but there is a lot going on - something for everyone. The nightly entertainment venues rotated - with a lot of variety! Some of the featured dishes were really good!

About Club Med Dress Codes

The following dress codes will change periodically based on the Chef de Village's (CDV's) choice. You will see all GO's (staff) abiding by the dress codes strictly. However, GM's (guests) are not required to abide by these or ANY code of dress. Many GM's choose to follow the dress codes just for fun. Reception publishes a daily sheet showing activities and dress codes for the day - plus any menu specialties for the main restaurant. You can find copies of the daily sheets in the links above.

If you choose to participate, and just to be safe at this or any Club Med, always bring some clothes that match with the country flag colors. Mexico is red, green and white. Also bring basic black, a flower patterned top, a pair of jeans and sometimes beige and pink.

In recent years, CM dress codes have begun using "45" shirts. You can buy one of these at the boutique. Wearing of, or purchasing a 45 shirt is NOT REQUIRED for GM's. But I have one, and I wear it on 45 night. What does 45 stand for? It caught on, for whatever reason, when CM celebrated it's 45 anniversary in 1996 and made some shirts (lots of them). People (GOs and GMs) popularized the theme by continuing to wear the shirts throughout the years.

Typical Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dress Code 3/2011 thank you Val! 45 shirt & white Beige & black Green & white Jeans & white shirt Black & red All white Jeans & black
Dress Code 2/11 most recent visit Red & white "45" shirt & jeans Green & white Jeans, white shirt & cowboy hat Elegant All white Jeans & black
Dress Code 4/10 (thx VAL and Kim!) White & jeans "45" shirt & jeans White & black White & red, or green Black & pink All white Elegant
Dress Code 3/09 (thx Sophie!) Denim and White Top All Black All White Red, Green and White Brown, Beige and White Elegant Black and Pink
Dress Code 4/08 (thx Jim!) Beige, Chocolate, White Jeans & Blue All White Elegant Red or Green w/White Free Casual Jeans & Black Elegant
Dress Code 2/08 (thx Val!) Jeans & Blue Black & White Coffee, Cream, Brown & White All White Free Casual Jeans & Black Elegant
Dress Code 9/07 (thx Val!) All White Jeans & Pink Black White & Green or White & Red Brown, Beige & White Jeans & White Elegant
Dress Code 6/07 (thx Jim!) All White Pink & White Beige or Brown & White White & Red or Green Jeans & White Black & Flashy Colors Top Elegant
Dress Code 12/06 White & Pink Tan & White Black Jeans & Colorful Shirt Elegant Heart Colors (?) All White
Typical Night - for the most current daily schedules including themes, download the daily schedules file - 6pm Tour
- 8pm Family social activities
- 9pm Movie
- 9pm Latino lounge
- 9.30pm Show
- 6pm Tour
- 8pm KIds activities
- 9pm Interactive game night
- 9pm Salsa dancing
- 9pm Movie
- 9pm Adult corner w/live band
- 9.30pm Dance party
- 7pm Cocktails
- 9pm Movie
- 9pm Poker tournament
- 9pm Lounge in Soluna
- 9pm Movie
- 9.30pm Caribbean Latino Show
- 10.30pm Latin Dance party
- 7pm Discover conference
- 8pm Family social activities
- 9pm Movie
- 9pm Lounge in Soluna
- 9pm Create a cocktail
- 9.30pm Hispanic circus show
- 10.30pm Dance party w/DJ
- 7pm Fashion Show
- 8pm Miniclub games
- 9pm Salsa lessons
- 9pm Movie
- 9.30pm Beach party
- 10.30pm Dance party w/DJ
- 9pm Latino lounge
- 9.15pm Miniclub show
- 9.30pm Live band
- 9pm Movie
- 9.45pm Dance party w/DJ
- 7pm Sports live Apero, Pergola
- 8pm Magic show for kids
- 9pm Movie
- 9pm Teen dance party
- 9.30pm Show girls
- 10.15pm Theme party